Creation of Board & You

Board & You was created in the most humble of beginnings, a charcuterie competition between two co-workers. Deciding to go ‘all out,’ Sean created the most amazing board without any experience. Later realizing that his coworker had forgotten about the whole thing. Not letting the board go to waste, Sean and Zack took the board to Zack’s family gathering — and it was an absolute hit! 

Sean and Zack noticed everyone gathering around their board and how it essentially became the center-piece of the party. After a lot of thought (and many blocks of cheese), they decided to give that same experience to other people in the area. Giving families a conversation piece during parties, events, and gatherings. 

They wanted to give all of YOU something special. Thus, Board & You was created.

Our Connoisseurs

Experts and Founders


Sean Lara originally hails from San Diego, California and came to Kentuckiana to attend UofL where he cheered for The Cards (Go Cards!) and studied Exercise Physiology, which is now very beneficial given the number of meats and cheeses he consumes. His love of charcuterie boards started as a treat after cheer practice where he would indulge in fancy cheeses and salamis. Okay, it was Cheez Whiz®, but he was on a college budget.

“I never thought I would own my own business, let alone get into the food industry. All of this happened unexpectedly and completely out of the left field, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Every board is unique to the customer and I love how the options are limitless!”


Zack Flanagan was born and bred in New Albany, Indiana. He graduated from UofL with a degree in Marketing and was amazed at how fast his college days flew by. His family has been in the restaurant business for about 16 years, so Zack is pretty stoked to carry on the family tradition. He has a fascination with social media marketing so if you’ve ever sent Board & You a message, email, or text…he’s probably the one you’re speaking with! He’s also more on the business side of things, which might explain the sport coat. 

“My favorite thing about Board & You is that it creates an experience for people to come together to enjoy food, fellowship, and create memories, something my family has always been about.’