Elevate Your Gathering Experience

Whether it be a hosted event, at-home gathering, or your big day — We here at Board & You have crafted the perfect ingredients for your elevated gathering experience. Our boards and grazing tables are curated with traditional meats, cheeses, and more.

why board & you

Our Passion

Creating elevated charcuterie experiences for you and your gatherings is the foundation of our company. Our passion lies in the art of premier meats, cheeses, and produce.

We believe in only serving high-quality ingredients.

You have the ability to customize for your event.

We take leaps to be eco-conscious.

Supporting local communities is important.

Clients Favorites

Curated Boards

What started out as a friendly competition between co-workers, turned into the Board & You that you see today. Our boards and grazing tables have become the talk-of-the-town.

We have a plethora of board sizes and grazing tables that are suitable for all your gathering needs. Starting at a single board experience, all the way up to a grazing table suited for a large event. Board & You have your charcuterie experiences covered.

We had a grazing table for my daughter’s 16th birthday party. If you think maybe teens won’t like it, you’d be wrong! They loved it! It looked great, had lots of variety and was a big hit! I highly recommend them!

Tracey Lowe

We had a fantastic board delivered yesterday. There was something for everyone on it and it was a hit! Creative cuisine · Great food

Maggie McGovern

They hosted a grazing table and dinner at my church last night and it was fabulous! The board was so beautiful and so yummy. Lots of variety so something for everyone. Dinner was really good too. Chicken, salad, roast squash & zucchini, augratin potatoes. Recommend them highly

Terri Butler